Friday, 1 September 2017

6 Things on My Fall Wishlist

Fall is my favorite season when it comes to personal style: not only it is easier to buy durable, good quality pieces, but the designs tend to be more classic and timeless at this time of the year as well. As opposed to my temperamental summer style, during colder seasons I find it easier to achieve sobriety, maturity and make smarter choices overall. Celebrating the 1st of September and keeping my Fall staples in mind, here's my wishlist for the season.
I tried on a black vinyl trench coat last year and my only regret is not bringing it home. I wasn't sure I could style it at the time, but I'm definitely on the hunt for one now. How I'd style it: With a vibrant colored turtleneck (mustard yellow would be awesome), a cool pair of jeans, funky little heels and a sleek pair of sunglasses. There's this one from Mango.
There is not a big, relevant reason for me to buy a striped button down; it's classy, office appropriate and incredibly versatile. How I'd style it: with a pair of white, wide leg trousers, my faux fur leopard coat and shiny red ankle boots. There's this one from Zara.
Even though I'm not a big hat person, I've been seeing many cool looks with this kind of beret and I really want to give them a try. How I'd style it: I'm pretty sure they look great with everything! There's this one from ASOS.
Blazers are one of my biggest obsessions and after buying a pinstriped one last year, a slightly oversized checked blazer is my next purchase. How I'd style it: the styling in the picture above is perfect, but a nice alternative would be a black turtleneck, a black A line miniskirt and a pair of knee high boots. There's this one from Zara.
And speaking of, a black turtleneck is something I need to buy as soon as possible; it gives any outfit an instant update, it keeps me warm and looks great with absolutely everything. How I'd style it: with a grey pantsuit, a long camel overcoat, pointy kitten heels and a sleek low ponytail. There's this one from Mango.
I'm done with skinny jeans, but I haven't found a flattering pair of wide leg trousers yet. I want them bright colored and super high waisted. How I'd style them: besides a black turtleneck? I'd wear them with a sheer black blouse, the tartan blazer I mentioned and silver ankle boots. There's this pair from ASOS.


  1. God. Day becomes brighter after reading your thoughts! Happens every time, dear Marta.
    Black turtleneck and the french beret are two future achievements. The french beret requires atittude. I'm trying to find my own, so I can wear it confindently!

    Congrats for the godess details of this post. You deserve an eternal place on Internet.

  2. I love your wishlist and how you would style them! Thank you for sharing an happy Friday!

  3. R: Espero visitar em breve :)
    Combinado, quando eu for a Lisboa peço-te recomendações :D

    Nesta publicação falas de peças lindíssimas e que também estão na minha lista de coisinhas a adquirir.

  4. Oo! Great post! I feel inspired by it! And yes to a black turtleneck!

    L.E.N.A | Revealed

  5. great things you chose ☺ number two and three me the most like

  6. nice post! xx

  7. Também preciso de algumas peçinhas quero tanto uma boina dessas

  8. I love the French beret as well. Nice wish list.

  9. Oh wow, I'd love to see how you style a vinyl trenchcoat - such a cool trend! 100% planning on picking up a beret this Autumn, love how chic they look with... pretty much everything!

  10. Love everything on your fall wishlist!! I always wanted to buy a tartan blazer, they look super chic!!


    Seize your Style

  11. Love these picks babe! x

  12. Yesss to vinyl trenches and tartan blazers, they are also on my wish list xx

  13. Também tenho preferência pelas estações mais frias! Quero imenso uma camisa às riscas do género da que mostraste. :)
    The Fancy Cats

  14. Linda wishlist, eu gosto muito de trench coat, tenho um preto. Blazer também é meu queridinho e não dispenso minha calça larga *.* Beijos

  15. great choices :) I want a black beret also! I got lucky enough to score fantastic flared pants recently.

  16. essa boina é um charme, usei mt na adolescência!!
    Gostei da wishlist <3

  17. Woah I love the way you create these images on your blog, they're so pretty and unusual I am literally in love with them! And that vinyl trench coat is my favourite thing, your style is literally flawless.

    Little Moon Elephant

  18. This wishlist is making me want to go fall shopping asap!!!
    I want it all... love all these statement pieces.

  19. Great fall wishlist! I never thought I'd say this but I want a black turtleneck as well. I've always avoided it because I didn't think I could pull it off, but now I think I just don't care hahah.


  20. A vinyl coat is also on my wishlist for Autumn, I tried on an amazing red one in Mango when I was at the airport last month and fell in love with it! I also really want a checked wool blazer, I've seen them styled so many great ways x

  21. Girl, o teu estilo é qualquer coisa de espetacular. Adorei todas as imagens e a vibe que criaste para esta wishlist. Já disse que adoro ler o teu blog?

  22. Such an inspiring post! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful collages :) I am looking forward to wearing black turtlenecks this Fall!


    Claire from Dresscape

  23. Loving your picks! I also need to hunt down a check blazer. Even though the weather is warming up over here haha

    TFM Life & Style blog

  24. Love how you edit these photos -- they're so unique and beautiful!



  25. oieee
    outono também é minha estação favorita!
    Adorei as fotografias.
    Karina Pinheiro

  26. I am 100% on board with these picks, especially the tartan blazer and the black turtleneck. Your collage game is so awesome.